Karl LaLonde is a photographer and painter. Originally from the 1000 Islands area in upstate New York, he spent his high school and college years here in the Hudson Valley. His high school track coach taught Karl how to take pictures. He attended Dutchess Community College for commercial art and Bard College to study photography. IBM offered him a job, and asked if he could shorten his hair a few inches. He started working for the company as an artist in IBM’s TV studio in the sixties. He was directing and producing productions by age 24, and won several international TV awards. By 30 he was art-directing. All this time, outside the corporation, he was photographing, painting, and showing what he calls “far-out stuff.”

He and his wife take long car rides through New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. They walk and hike into the woods where LaLonde says he usually takes at least 100 to 200 exposures per trip. Karl also paints American Indian portraits and southwestern scenes.  To feed his art habit, he and his wife Kathy, (who is also an artist) operate The RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, NY.


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Louis Markoya is a surrealist painter inspired by fractals and mathematics. As a former protégé of artist Salvador Dalí, Markoya’s interest in lenticular prints developed while assisting Dalí on 3D projects that included holograms. LRMA is pleased to host an exhibition of Markoya’s work this fall, which will include a retrospective of work since Dalí to present, including a series of paintings inspired by the pandemic and 3D holographic lenticulars.

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